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Learning Languages

Acquisition of any language is by assimilation; the language is first heard, then understood, and finally spoken. Think of a baby who listens to people around him for close to a year before he utters his first words. Children live in the present and learn faster when things are related to their everyday life. In the case of French Immersion preschool, the child’s exposure to French will happen only a few times a week in a closed environment. It is not related to his everyday life nor is it related to you. The child will not feel the need to speak French, and this is natural, normal and to be expected.

Your child will probably not be bilingual at the end of his or her term at Pomme d’Api. Nevertheless, he will recognize French as a language, and will understand key phrases and will be able to vocalize some words, and will likely sing favorite songs in French! More importantly, she will have assimilated and stored much more information related to the French language. Once put in a situation of complete immersion (e.g. all day, five days a week), it will be easy to retrieve and use the vocabulary. As such, we present our program as a preparation to French immersion.

Our Program

Pomme d’Api’s French Immersion Program is a two year program, providing an introduction to French to children who plan to attend French Immersion Kindergarten and elementary school.

Preschool provides a preparation for elementary school by enhancing and encouraging all areas of a child’s development. At Pomme d’Api, introducing French is a supplemental program to a regular preschool curriculum. It is our goal, through the French Immersion Program, to help your child feel comfortable and at ease with the French language, and to aid in the transition into the Immersion environment in Kindergarten. Your child will understand key words and expressions that will give him or her the confidence to adapt quickly once in Kindergarten. It is not the goal of the program, nor should it be expected, that your child will be bilingual by the end of preschool.

Our teaching curriculum is based on the fundamentals of how children learn, and what is important to them at the different social stages.